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Atom Power Completes First International Installation in South Korea

Atom EV now deployed in the heart of Seoul at two SK facilities

Huntersville, N.C. — March 22, 2023 — Atom Power, the pioneer in networked energy, has successfully completed its first international EV charging installation, bringing the company’s advanced EV charging infrastructure to South Korea. The deployment builds on Atom Power’s rapid growth as businesses, multi-family properties, and fleets turn to the company for reimagined EV charging infrastructure that is reliable, scalable, and efficient.

South Korea has emerged as one of the fastest-growing markets for EVs, but the country faces another hurdle in accelerating the adoption of sustainable transportation: charging infrastructure. Atom EV solves the thorniest and most common EV charging issues, leveraging the company’s revolutionary digital circuit breaker alongside real-time visibility and dynamic energy management to seamlessly charge vehicles from a centralized panel. Now, this powerful technology has been deployed in South Korea for the first time.

“We’re undergoing the largest electrical transition this world has ever seen,” said Ryan Kennedy, CEO of Atom Power. “However, the EV charging systems being built today are falling short on safety, reliability, and more. We need to rethink this infrastructure on a global scale, now.”

Atom Power’s unique approach to EV charging is enabled by the company’s breakthrough in digital circuit breaker design. It is the backbone of networked energy, a new standard for electrification, and paves the way toward a sustainable future in which energy is intelligently connected, managed, and secured. By applying this innovation to EV charging, Atom Power is reimagining this infrastructure to provide the most efficient, scalable, and trusted solution on the market.

“Atom EV fundamentally evolves how EV charging infrastructure distributes and manages energy, opening up new possibilities for flexibility, scale, and efficiency. Our international expansion and first deployment in South Korea is an exciting opportunity to support this market and further the adoption of solutions that will build an all-electric future around the world,” continued Kennedy.

The installation was managed by SK Muffin, bringing Atom EV to South Korea’s capital city, Seoul, at the SK Energy facility and SK Seorin Building. The project marks the continued relationship between Atom Power and SK, which invested $100 million in Atom Power last year.

For more information on Atom EV, please visit: https://www.atompower.com/solutions.

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