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Delivering Peace Of Mind With An End-to-End
Approach to EV Charging

Designed To Be Smarter, More Reliable,
and Fully Integrated

EVaaS EV Charging + Energy Management = Cost Savings

EVaaS EV charges from our smart power distribution panel, and when combined with an upstream meter, can dynamically adjust and manage your network of EV chargers by regulating vehicle charge rate and balancing against the building load in real-time. We guarantee you will avoid peak demand charges and your vehicles will be charged and ready to go when you need them.
Below is a case study based on an EVaaS Power customer in New York. Using EVaaS EV Charging and Dynamic Energy Management, the customer hosts 20 charging stations and saves over $9,100 per month on their utility bill.

Atom EV Power Cabinet

Centralized design consolidates solid-state chargers in the power cabinet, increasing reliability and safety. Our power cabinet has WiFi, ethernet, and LTE connectivity, providing digital control over energy usage.

Atom EV Pedestals and Wall Boxes

Our design offers durability and improved safety because high voltage is eliminated at the pedestal or wall box while vehicles are not charging. White glove branded design services are also available.

The Atom SwitchTM

Atom Power invented the world’s first UL-listed commercial solid- state digital circuit breaker, the Atom Switch. The Atom Switch provides both circuit protection and EV charging. 
Centralized design consolidates solid-state chargers in the power cabinet, increasing reliability and safety.

Real Time Monitoring & Management

Our smart charging solutions provide 24/7 real-time monitoring of your EV charging network, guaranteeing charger uptime so your EV owners’ vehicles are ready to go when they need them.

Peace of Mind Is Guaranteed

Our turn-key managed services program maximizes your energy usage, reduces your technology risks, and guarantees peace of mind that your vehicles will be charged when you need them.

Experience Next-Level Charging with the Smartest Circuit Breaker

We’re proud to partner with Atom Power who has pioneered the world’s first UL-listed commercial solid-state digital circuit breaker: the Atom Switch™. By centralizing charging directly at the panel level, we not only ensure superior circuit protection butlso optimize electric vehicle charging. *Talk to us about an EV charging solution that’s reliable, scalable, and unmatched in security.


Atom Power’s pioneering solid-state digital circuit breaker technology enables charging directly from the panel. In collaboration with Atom Power, we provide bespoke business applications characterized by superior safety, unrivaled reliability, and a forward-thinking design, ensuring the most sophisticated EV charging solution available in today’s market.


Generate Revenue Your Way

Easily access new revenue streams from your EV charging investment using EVaaS EV’s mobile control dashboard. Access our easy-to-use EV mobile control solution through an installed mobile app or app-less platform. Define payment cycles, rate schedules, membership options, and control charging station access.

Set Your Terms

EVaaS Solutions Deploys Commercial EV Charging Solutions For Any Application

Welcome to the future of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, delivered by Atom Power. We’re an authorized channel partner proudly representing Atom Power, the pioneers in programmable solid-state circuit breaker technology.
EVaaS Solutions offers cost-efficient state of the art EV charging solutions at scale for your business, residential, hospitality venues, entertainment, casinos or Big Box Retail locations. Utilizing solid-state breaker technology, Atom EV charging equipment centralizes charging at the panel level, creating smart infrastructure that provides the highest level of reliability, scalability, security, and affordability.
As an Atom Power channel partner, EVaaS’ master reseller agreement enables us to offer unique value add to your EV charging stations:


• Highly-customized implementations: Build EV charging right into your business model.

• Zero Initial Investment: We handle installation of your EV charging system at no upfront cost.

• Revenue Sharing: Unlock a new profit stream through usage-based revenue sharing.