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Why EVaaS


The safest, most reliable, and scalable EV charging solution available on the market.

Why Choose EVaaS for Your Charging Needs?

Embrace the future of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging with EVaaS Solutions, proudly representing Atom Power.
Partnering with EVaaS transcends mere charging-unlock a wealth of business potentials:

Generate Revenue Your Way

Easily access new revenue streams from your EV charging investment using EVaaS EV’s mobile control dashboard. Access our easy-to-use EV mobile control solution through an installed mobile app or app-less platform. Define payment cycles, rate schedules, membership options, and control charging station access.

Set Your Terms

EVaaS Solutions Deploys Commercial EV Charging Solutions For Any Application

EVaaS Solutions Deploys Commercial EV Charging Solutions For Any Application Welcome to the future of Electric Vehicle (EV) charging, delivered by Atom Power. We’re an authorized channel partner proudly representing Atom Power, the pioneers in programmable solid-state circuit breaker technology.

EVaaS Solutions offers cost-efficient state of the art EV Charging solutions at scale for your business, residential, hospitality venues, entertainment, casinos or Big Box Retail locations. Utilizing solid-state breaker technology, Atom EV Charging Solutions centralize charging at the panel level, creating smart infrastructure that provides the highest level of reliability, scalability, security, and affordability. As an Atom Power channel partner, EVaaS’ master reseller agreement enables us to offer unique value add to your EV charging stations: • Highly-customized implementations: Build EV charging right into your business model. • Zero Initial Investment: We handle installation of your EV charging system at no upfront cost. • Revenue Sharing: Unlock a new profit stream through usage-based revenue sharing. • Working with EVaaS means more than just a charging service; it’s a revenue-generating, customer service, or business development opportunity.</b > Our reliable and efficient EV charging solutions helps you attract and retain high-value customers, visitors, and residents with the power they need when parking at your facilities.


With EVaaS EV charging solutions and dynamic energy management, you can charge up to 13x more vehicles without expensive infrastructure upgrades – and avoid peak energy demand charges.

Maximum Convenience For Your EV Drivers

Provide a seamless charging experience for your EV drivers with EVaaS EV’s driver app. Your EV drivers can easily set their payment preferences, locate available charging stations, reserve charging times, and reach customer support 24/7 through a convenient mobile app.